La solution réseau pour votre studio


  • Supporte le RTP MIDI
  • Ports MIDI 2x2 ou 4x4
  • Compatible USB-MIDI
  • Plug&Play
  • Interface Web de configuration
  • Fonctions avancees de routage MIDI

A partir de 149,96€




Low power

Providing our customers with high efficiency devices.

Most our products operate using less than 1W.

Embedded configuration interface

Our devices integrate their own web server. This way it is possible to easily access the configuration and change the settings from a remote device in the network.

No driver is needed, a simple web browser is sufficient. Any platform is compatible.

Relying on standards

The Cinara products are based on international standards and norms. This ensure full compatibility with existing devices, but also with future products from any brand.


The internal design of the Cinara products makes them highly reactive.

This responsiveness is true for the configuration interface, fast and smooth as expected, but also for the implemented services. For instance the MIDI delay in the MidiGateway is less than 1ms.