The missing link in your studio


  • RTP MIDI support
  • 2x2 or 4x4 MIDI ports
  • USB-MIDI Compliant
  • Plug&Play
  • Web control interface
  • Advanced MIDI routing functions

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Connect your MIDI devices

The new MidiGateway connects your MIDI compatible devices to your LAN.  Now it is possible to make your keyboards, sequencers, expanders interact seamlessly with your computers, tablets and phones.

See what the MidiGateway can do:



DMX over Wifi coming soon

DMXgw1The DMXgw1 acts as a receiver for DMX over Wifi transmissions. It can control a single DMX device or a full ramp of lamps. Just plug in the DMXgw1 and enjoy the control of all your DMX devices with your computer or your tablet/smartphone. The DMXgw1 is RDM compatible to make the configuration of your setup even easier.

Coming soon, stay tuned...